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Green Power Is the Future

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Take advantage of Chase Wind's extensive experience in green eneregy resources by turning to Chase Wind as your source for excellent

wind power and micro-hydro systems, as well as permitting services for any local, state, or federal regulation demands. 

Contact Chase Wind today to join the Green Power movement and see how you can help improve the natural world.

Permitting Services
Chase Wind is able to verify requirements with your local code enforcement officer to ensure appropriate guidelines and specifications for wind power zoning.  We find the best cooperation is given to farmers because of protections under the NY State Constitution and their "right to farm".

Financial Incentives
Chase Wind will verify your qualifications and help you with the application for substantial State Energy Department grants and Federal incentives. These  include the Federal Income Tax Credit for 30% of the installed cost. There are also State Specific grants that vary by state and are identified by state at the website www.dsireusa.org.  Substantial funding assistance is available and Chase Wind will help you with the remarkable reduction of net capital costs after an installation with coordinated applications to the several incentives available.

In addition, PPA-Power Purchase Agreements or loans are available through FHA Title I and private banks, as well as lease/purchase options for completely installed systems.

Green Energy Benefits
With the Green Power solutions of Chase Wind, your world's natural mineral resources are not consumed and pollutants are not created.  As an example, just because of one small 10 kW residential wind turbine, its lifetime contribution avoids the consumption of two and a half railroad hopper cars worth of coal to create that same electricity and the consequent production of the pollutants shown below:

Oil-Fired Utility Company Generation Facility Equivalent:

• 560 Barrels of Oil
• 296 Tons of CO2
• 0.6 Tons of NOx
• 2.3 Tons of SO2
> plus costs of transportation, storage, extraction, processing, production, clean-up  
Coal-Fired Utility Company Generation Facility Equivalent:
• 180 Tons of Coal
• 348 Tons of CO2 Emissions
•  0.9 Tons of NOx Emissions
•  2 Tons of SO2 Emissions
> plus costs of transportation, storage, extraction, processing, production, clean-up  


Legislation Demands
State legislation is necessary to improve any strategy of making energy fully valuable to our citizens.


There are over 1500 zoning jurisdictions in NY State alone and many are adversarial to small wind.  We advocate legislation wherein a small wind system should be exempt from local zoning as a right of property ownership and in the interest of the public good.


Also useful will be to expand the concept of “net-metering” to include “non-contiguous groups” of "unrelated owners" and “remote location production” evidenced with “energy vouchers” with “annualized rolling balances.” Net-metering is a billing relationship with the utility company wherein the surplus energy from a wind facility is returned to the utility at the same price for which it was purchased. Chase Wind believes that this strategy of “non-contiguous group net-metering from remote production facilities with annualized rolling balances” will present the greatest impact for the people of our nation, by making its wind resources directly available enabling local owners to be its users. 

• Net-Metering for up to 5 Megawatts (State)
• Remote Production with Energy Vouchers (State)
• Non-Contiguous Group Net-Metering (State)
• Exemption from Sales Tax (State)
• Annual Balance Net-Metering (State)
• Zoning Regulation (State & County)

Exempted local zoning for Small Wind (State)

Federal Legislation is necessary to assure a balance of benefits among the many energy resources, just to be fair. All established energy fossil fuel resources enjoy entrenched and well hidden incentives from your tax supported programs.

A politically willful and determined program for a RPS-Renewal Portfolio Standard and the extension of the ITC-Investment Tax Credit Cash Reimbursement is necessary to provide our still growing industry with the confidence to build the new factories and hire the new employees for this century.

To continue Chase Wind's cost effective installations and Green Power services, legislation is still needed that includes:

• Production Tax Credit Renewal (Fed)
• Non-Passive Income Qualified for PTC (Fed)
Treasury "1603"Cash Reimbursement  (Fed)
• Accelerated Depreciation (Fed)

• Myths and exaggeration include: noise, radiation, throw,  collisions, other "wacka mole" ideas, etc. refer to Reference Material

"Not In My Back Yard - NIMBY", for those who have a light switch in their home needs to be changed to "Put One in Every Back Yard-POEBY"

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